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Welcome! Home staging can be fun, but it's definitely about the money. If you are selling your home and are interested in redesigning it to maximize your sales price, congratulations! You've found the right place to help you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for help becoming a home staging professional, bravo! You've also hit upon the best place to help you realize your career objective. Here you will find all the tips, tools, strategies, resources, and benefits of staging a home.

Home staging statistics show that staging helps you sell a home faster and for more money - it's that simple and that important.

What exactly is the goal of home staging? It is to show the assets of a home to their very best advantage. This means that we emphasize the space, functionality, and features of the house so that prospective buyers only see the positive.

Similarly, home staging de-emphasizes any perceived negatives about the house so that they are no longer issues that could possibly stand in the way of a sale.


You will find two exclusive resources on this site that you won't find anywhere else. 

  • The first is our kit which includes all the business forms and checklists we've been using since we began this business.
  • The second is our exclusive list of resources which we have used again and again.  These items have helped us elevate the impression our staged rooms have on potential buyers.  We use items that are well-priced, attractive and represent the best value for our dollar. 

You will find these suggestions and recommendations in links that are organized by subject...... such as our number one, all-time favorite, inexpensive staging tool that we could just not live without found in

this link.

During the past almost twenty years, we have discovered that reworking a home before it is shown to real estate agents

(the one you eventually select and the ones that don't make the cut)

insures that the home makes a better first impression on the very people who will help price the home and who will create "buzz" about the home. First impressions do matter, especially with the closely-knit real estate community. (This is not make or break, but just one of those tried-and-true tips you will learn about on this site).

It is also our experience that agents like to list a property and put it in the listing service right away, leaving very little time to do a complete and proper staging. No one likes to be that pressed for time (home selling is hard!), so making over a home before any agents are alerted to the home's upcoming listing will give you time to think and execute your staging plan to its utmost.



 Simply put, staged homes sell more quickly and for more money.


If your home doesn't sell or you aren't getting the traffic you need to generate offers, your agent will probably request a price reduction. The first price reduction can be $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000. Your homestaging will cost less than this price reduction, so it will be money and time very well spent.

Ready to make some money? Let us guide you step by step as we make staging fun and profitable for you.



Step 1. Preparing a Home for Sale 

Preparing a home for sale -- a well-staged home begins with a well-prepared home.

Step 2. Clean, Organize and Declutter

How to clean, organize and declutter a home before staging a home for sale. We show you how, room by room.

Step 3. Design to Sell Fast - Staging a Home

Design to sell fast - Staging a home one space at a time.

Staging a house for sale 

Staging a house for sale to get a home sold more quickly

Benefits of Home Staging

The ten most valuable benefits of home staging for sellers and buyers

Staging Tips

Home staging tips - general tips to keep in mind when staging a home.

Before and After Home Staging 

Photos of sample rooms before and after home staging.

Furniture for home staging 

Furniture for staging a home.

Home Staging Business

How to Start a Home Staging Business of Your Own

Home Staging Training, Courses and Schools 

Home Staging Training, home staging courses, home staging schools

Home Selling Tips

Home selling tips and strategies

Digital Media and TV

Home Staging Ideas from Digital Media and TV shows

Home Staging Books

Check out our reviews of home staging books to make sure you get the right book

Resources for home staging

Home staging resources for an interior redesign

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Staged homes sell more quickly and for more money.