Fees for Home Staging Services

What to Charge for Your Staging Services

Fees for home staging services vary from city to city and from staging business to staging business. Pricing your services is one part science, one part feeling.

As a businessperson, you will need to make a profit to stay in business. But you don't want to charge too much or you might not attract any customers. You want to charge something called an "equilibrium price" where you are willing to "supply" enough of your time and talent to meet the "demand" for those services at that price. Sound complicated? Well, it is and it isn't.

Homeowners and agents are used to paying a certain amount of money (per hour or per job) for the services that they purchase regularly. Agents can buy professional photography services. They can buy a floorplan for their listings. Maybe they hire someone to sit an open house for them and pay them a certain amount per hour. Fees for home staging services should fit somewhere in the range charged by these other professionals. This may require a bit of homework on your part to find out what these other service providers are charging. But it is research well worth your time.

If you keep your hourly rates and fees for home staging services in line with the other pros, then it will be much easier to sell your services because there won't be a push back on price. Your time and talent are in line with these other professionals, so your fees should be in line with theirs.

As we mentioned previously, fees for home staging services can vary by city. Large, urban cities usually have higher per hour rates because the cost of doing business there is higher than more rural locations (in addition to the cost of everything else.) That's why we always recommend doing some research first to see where your business area fits -- at the low end, in the middle, or at the high end -- of national hourly rates. You are not a national fast food franchise, your costs cannot be averaged across a continent so that prices remain the same from coast to coast. You have one location, one cost of doing business there.

Another way of gauging rates is to check how home prices in your area compare to the national average. If your area has lower prices than the national average, your per hour rate should also be lower than the national average.

Per hour rates also can vary by task. Some tasks are more difficult than others. For example, we charge less per hour for decluttering than we do for staging. The cleaning services we use charge less per hour for cleaning than we charge for decluttering.

We have made our Home Staging Proposal Form available for purchase as part of our forms download package. If you take a look at the proposal form, you will see that we differentiate between types of tasks so that we can charge different amounts per job or per hour. Everything is spelled out for the client so that they know exactly what they are getting for their money and how long it will take us to complete the job.

Our Forms Package has been compiled for you to make getting your home staging business up-and-running as fast as possible. No sense inventing the wheel all over again when we have already done it for you. For ordering and immediate download of our Forms Package (which includes our staging proposal form, our home inspection checklist forms, and our job folder summary form)just click here.

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