Home Staging Checklist

To stay organized and on-task, a home staging checklist will help you identify the problems and issues with a home and organize your activities to stage a home to perfection.

There's nothing as frustrating as missing something in a home that needs attention before it is put on the market.  In our business, we use a home staging checklist that organizes our thought-processes when we first approach a project.  

A checklist goes room by room and lists the things that you need to look at, assess or fix.  That way, you won't miss something.  It also organizes your tasks.  You can quickly see how many rooms need painting, how many need lightbulbs, etc.  That way, your shopping list is automatically created just by scanning each page for each room.

We have included the checklist we have been using for the past 15-plus years in our home staging business kit.

We also include our home inspection checklist in our kit.  This is usually where we start because there really is no point in starting staging unless all the home's systems and mechanicals are in perfect working order.  

To get our home staging checklist, and the kit, just click on this link for a complete run-down of everything that is included.  Even if you are not starting a business, these are valuable tools that will help you as you get your own home ready to for sale.