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You've decided to start a new career as a home stager. How do you find the best home staging training? Where are home staging schools near your home? What are home staging courses like?


Fortunately for you, home staging has really taken off in recent years and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to staging training.

Which of the following education options you choose depends on your budget and the time you have available.

You will also need to consider what you want to have when you complete the course of study. Do you want a degree? Do you want a certificate or some type of professional certification? How about accreditation? Do you just want to learn home staging skills? And finally, what do you need learn to be successful at a home staging career?


 Options for Home Staging Training

As with any program or course of study, you need to do a bit of homework to select the best option for your particular needs. And, given that home staging is not a professionally regulated industry, there are unscrupulous vendors who peddle their courses and books offering guarantees and offers of employment they just don't honor. So, let the buyer beware.

Repeating from above, what do you want when you complete your home staging training?

Do you want a professional degree?

If you want to have a professional degree, then your best course of study is from an accredited college or university or design school. You will get an education in interior design or decorating and home staging will be a part of the curriculum. You can check out online universities such as University of Phoenix or design schools such as Rhode Island School of Design, Harrington School of Design in Chicago, Savannah School of Design in Georgia, or Parsons in New York.


Do you want a certificate?

There are hundreds of offerings on the Internet which will sell you an online home staging training course, a ream of text books, or a series of educational seminars. We've outlined a few here:

APSD Home Stager (TM) Program

  • Registration Kit
  • 6 week online series
  • APSD training course
  • Association of Property Scene Designers certificate
  • $497

The Home Stagers Guild (Atlanta area)

  • 4 day certificate program - $2500
  • 2 day color certification program - $1195
  • 1 day color course - $799

Haverhill Home Staging

  • Home study program
  • 90 minute teleclass
  • testing
  • Graduation certificate
  • $997 + taxes

QC Design School

  • Double certificate in home staging and interior redesign
  • Lesson books
  • Business templates
  • Five unit course with diploma
  • International Staging and Redesign Professional(TM)certificate
  • $1198

Redesign Training Center

  • 5 days class instruction
  • Manual
  • Business start-up kit
  • IRIS certification (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists)
  • $2500

AHSP Staged Homes(TM)

  • 3 day course $1795 or $1995 with certain instructors
  • Real estate agent 2 day course - $295
  • Classes throughout North America on a city-by-city tour
  • Accredited Home Staging Professional certificate

CSP Training

  • 30 hour course
  • Resouce manual
  • Certified Staging Professional designation
  • $2199 for 3-day course and two-disk DVD set

Academy of Staging and Redesign

  • Course manuals
  • eBooks
  • $499.95-$1499.95

Every course and instruction provider has their own particular formula for teaching staging skills. Please be sure you do a Google or other search and check out blogs and commentary about a particular company before you sign up for any course...and don't just read the testimonials on the company pages (which are usually written by the marketing department). Find some people who have actually completed the course and call them if you can't find good online reviews. We want you to stay safe and make a wise investment in your staging training! 



How do I become successful at staging?

In truth, none of these courses or any of the other hundreds online will guarantee that you will be successful and get profitable employment. There are no such guarantees in the business world today. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of success.

  • Work hard
  • Become very proficient at staging
  • Manage your time and money well
  • Network
  • Take very good care of your customers
  • Invest in marketing and finding new ways to get your name out there

Every one of these items is within your power to do well. Want more information on a home staging course or courses? Just want to take one class? Need decision criteria for choosing a home staging school? How about information on Training Certification? Just follow the links to our exclusive pages.

One tried-and-true formula for success is to invest in a franchise. Whether it be a hamburger franchise or a dry cleaning franchise, franchises have proven to be great ways to enter a business and, if you follow the franchise formula, you can make a very good living.

Want to know more about franchises? Go to our Franchise page from Home Staging Training.







Here's something that will help you get your new business off to a proper start:

This kit contains all the forms we use to keep our projects organized and our business records properly recorded.  Use them to learn how we operate our day to day business or use the checklists to help you stage your own home.